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EL Glow Stickers

EL Glow Stickers

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Illuminate your love for cars with our Electroluminescence (EL) stickers. These stickers utilize EL technology to emit a bright glow, making them perfect for showcasing your stickers after dark. A must-have for any late night car events!

8" wide; 5 settings: 1. Constant on 2. Slow flash 3. Fast flash 4. Animation 5. Sound activated animation. (2) AAA batteries required

22" wide; 2 Settings 1. Constant on 2. Slow flash. USB power required

Special note: These apply to the inside of the window, the electronics are not made for outdoor use!

Please DM @after930 on IG with any questions or for local pickup options!


Due to our limited inventory we do not accept returns for refunds, credits, or exchanges upon fulfilment of the product.

Please make sure that you have carefully reviewed your order prior to finalizing your purchase.

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